New Construction Cleaning

What Does New Construction Cleaning Services



Construction sites are not clean. They can be filled with dust and you have subcontractors who are often touching many of the items at the construction site. Construction workers may put their hands all over glass windows, sliding glass doors, shower doors, fireplace doors and mirrors as they install these items or complete construction work, such as framework, around these items. Prior to a new owner taking position of a newly constructed home or building, cleaners are often called in to clean up the dirt and dust and get the place ready for its new owners. New construction cleaning services that offer window cleaning focus on clean windows and doors, ensuring the glass and frames and sills are free and clear of stucco, grout, paint, silicone, fingerprints, streaks and dust, all without doing any damage to the glass or frames.


When the windows on your newly constructed home or commercial property are dirty,  Just Windows LLC can help you. We can clean mirrors, windows, glass shower surrounds and glass fireplace doors, ensuring the people who purchased the home or commercial building will walk into a completely clean space to call their own. Call us now to schedule your appointment.