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Hard Water Stain Removal

  Signs That It Is Time to Hire a Professional For Removing Hard Water Stains

Anyone with hard water in their home is going to find out quickly all the various ways that hard water can affect the glass in their home. If you live in the Prescott area you have hard water and if you are on a well you have really hard water. You may have spots on your windows thanks to your sprinklers or you may have spots on a glass shower door. While there are many methods out there that are said to quickly and easily remove hard water stains, the truth is, that many do not. Using the right products and mechanically scrubbing away the stains is the best method for removal. In some cases, hiring a professional for hard water stains removal is needed to help get rid of these spots. Here are some of the signs that it is time to hire a professional for hard water stains removal.


One of the tell-tale signs that you need to hire a professional for removing hard water stains on shower doors or on your windows is that you cannot remove the hard water stains yourself. You may have tried product after product or internet technique after technique and had no success. If your glass still looks spotty or discolored after you clean it, it is time to have a professional step in and help. In addition to removing the hard water spots and stains, a professional can teach you tricks to help reduce your spots and stains in the future, such as spraying products on the glass and wiping away excess products immediately after the glass becomes wet.


Are you looking for a professional  to  get your glass free and clear of hard water stains? Call us at Just Windows LLC to schedule an appointment.

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